Last chance: Apple will remove all photos from My Photo Stream tomorrow.


What to do?

Starting tomorrow, July 26, 2023, Apple will completely stop supporting the free service My Photo Stream (“My Photo Stream”). On the same day, photos saved in the My Photo Stream service will be deleted. 


On their support page, Apple explained:

My Photo Stream is a separate service from iCloud Photos. Going forward, iCloud Photos will be the best way to securely store your photos and videos in iCloud and keep them in sync across all your devices. If you already have iCloud Photos turned on on all your devices, you don’t need to do anything else – your photos are already uploaded and saved to iCloud. 

Last chance: Apple will remove all photos from My Photo Stream tomorrow.

Previously, Apple disabled the ability to upload new photos to My Photo Stream. Due to the complete discontinuation of support for the service, Apple advises users to do the following:

  • Check if you’re using iCloud Photos on all your devices. 
  • If not, save the photos currently in My Photo Stream to your device. 
  • Optionally, set up iCloud Photos.

As a reminder, My Photo Stream is an iCloud service that was launched in 2011. It temporarily uploads photos the user has taken on one device so that they can be viewed on any other device with My Photo Stream enabled and optionally imported into their library on that device. Photos stay in My Photo Stream for 30 days—up to 1,000 photos at any given time—and then they’re automatically deleted from iCloud.