Leica SL2-S introduced


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:40 pm

According to the manufacturer, “this is the most versatile camera for photography and video shooting today.”

As expected, Leica ended this week with the announcement of the SL2-S full-frame mirrorless camera, preliminary information about which appeared the day before.

Leica SL2-S
Leica SL2-S

Leica SL2-S introduced

According to the manufacturer, the Leica SL2-S is a versatile camera that complements the SL system, serving as an alternative to the Leica SL2.

The resolution of the BSI-CMOS image sensor installed in the SL2-S is 24 megapixels. Lagging behind the Leica SL2 in resolution, the new camera boasts faster burst speed (up to 25 fps at full resolution) and professional video capabilities (allows you to record 4K 10-bit video without length restrictions). Note that in full-frame mode, the camera will allow you to shoot 4K video at a frame rate of up to 30 fps, and to shoot 4K video at a frame rate up to 60 fps, you must select the APS-C crop mode.

The photographer can access ISO 100-100,000 values. This range expands down to a value equivalent to ISO 50. Shutter speeds ranging from 1/8000 s to 30 min are measured by a mechanical shutter, within 1/16 000-60 s – by an electronic one. The sync speed is 1/250 s.


Image stabilization performed by shifting the sensor in five degrees of freedom can benefit from up to 5.5 stops of exposure. The Maestro-III processor is busy with image processing.

The camera is equipped with a 5.76 million-dot electronic viewfinder and a 3.2-inch, 2.1-million-dot touchscreen.

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SD, SDHC, and SDXC memory cards are used as removable media. There are two slots for them. Both support UHS-I, while the latter also supports UHS-II. The camera also includes USB 3.1 Gen1, HDMI 2.0b, Wi-Fi IEEE802.11ac and Bluetooth v4.2, hot shoe, microphone, and headphone jacks.

The camera measures 146 x 107 x 83 and weighs about 850 g. Weight with the battery is 931 g. One battery charge can take about 510 pictures. The aluminum and magnesium housing provides mechanical and weather resistance. Protection degree – IP54.

Sales have already begun at $ 4,895.

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