Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2 gaming smartphone fails bending test


Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2 gaming smartphone fails bending test

Lenovo yesterday unveiled the new Legion Phone Duel 2 gaming smartphone. The powerful filing does not overheat. The manufacturer decided to equip the device with a passive cooling system, which is located above all the main components in the central part of the gadget, resulting in a thickening. The author of the well-known YouTube channel JerryRigEverything, Zach Nelson, decided to test how reliable this design turned out to be.

Lenovo Legion
Lenovo Legion

According to the show’s tradition, Zak checks every device that falls into his hands for strength, trying to bend it. Most devices pass this test, but at least such experiments end up with a bend or cracked glass on the touchscreen. Legion Phone Duel 2 wasn’t even more fortunate. The gadget is completely unsuitable for anyone trying to bend it by accident or purpose. After Zak put in quite a bit of effort to try to bend the smartphone, his body snapped next to the raised center, where the antenna channel is located. The video shows that the smartphone lacked a metal frame that would provide better rigidity.

The second attempt – and the device broke again, but from the other side. Zack even joked that now he is facing not Legion Phone Duel 2 but Legion Phone Duel 3 since the device broke into three equal parts.

It is curious that after such an execution, the Gorilla Glass protective glass of the smartphone did not crack, for which Zach praised the manufacturer, Corning.

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Resource The Verge notes that the problem with fragility is inherent in many smartphones, including gaming. And the new Lenovo is not something exceptional, although it would be more difficult to break a smartphone if it had a metal frame. For example, Zak previously tested the ASUS ROG Phone 5 gaming microphone. The latter has a more solid design, and it took more effort for Zack to try to break it, but in the end, the place where the antenna is located was also the weak link in the device’s case. Manufacturers are forced to make it plastic so that a radio signal can pass through it.

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