Liquid-cooled PlayStation 5 Pro console may be shown in April


But the rumor is very unexpected

The PlayStation 5 Pro could come out much sooner than previous rumors have suggested. And at the same time it will be more unusual. 

PlayStation 5 Pro
                                                                          PlayStation 5 Pro

The Phonandroid resource claims to have received information about a new model of the Sony game console, which, according to it, will hit the market in April. This year, that is, in less than three months. It should be noted right away that, perhaps, we are talking about the announcement, and not about the start of sales.

We have already heard that Sony should introduce a PS5 with an external optical drive in the near future, but this is still the same PS5 that is on sale now. Here we are talking about the PlayStation 5 Pro. 

This PS5 Pro, according to the data, will receive a liquid cooling system! There were no such rumors before, and no one had previously released set-top boxes with such COs. The need for a liquid cooler may be due solely to a very powerful platform, but even here it is not clear why Sony could not get by with a large but air cooler. 

Thus, in the near future, two versions of PS5 can be presented at once: an updated model with current characteristics and a very powerful PS5 Pro. 

However, the source himself says that such information should be treated with caution. 

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