Low-cost 65 watt Nubia gallium nitride charger goes on sale in China


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:04 pm

It has three USB connectors and is cheaper than competitors

Last month, along with the Red Magic 5G gaming smartphone, Nubia also announced a range of accessories, including a 65W charger with gallium nitride. Now the device has become available for pre-order.

65 watt Nubia gallium
65 watt Nubia gallium

Low-cost 65 watts Nubia gallium nitride charger goes on sale in China

It is worth noting that the first buyers will be able to purchase only a $ 20 65-watt charger with gallium nitride Nubia, and then the price will increase to $ 24. Whereas a similar adapter from Huawei is offered at a price of $ 35.

The device received a design with a folding plug, which makes it convenient for transportation. The adapter is equipped with a full-sized USB-A connector, which supports charging at a maximum power of 24 W, as well as two USB-C connectors. One of them is 65-watt, it supports the Power Delivery protocol and can be used to charge mobile computers. The maximum power of the second is 30 watts.


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