Mercedes-Benz reveals the angular look of the EQB electric SUV


Mercedes-Benz reveals the angular look of the EQB electric SUV

Welcome to the fourth electric vehicle from Mercedes-Benz – the EQB SUV. Shown at the Shanghai Auto Show in China, the angular electric car will be exclusive to that country. However, the German luxury brand has confirmed that the US will receive its version next year. That is, the American version may get a slightly different look and details.

mercedes Benz
Mercedes Benz

At the moment, the SUV is known to have 66.5 kWh batteries, front-only or all-wheel-drive versions, and the most advanced version of the AMG Line delivers 288 horsepower. Nothing was reported about the cruising range, but the company said that it would also tell about the configuration with a more capacious battery with an extended cruising range in the future. At 4.7m long and 1.8m wide, the EQB is the compact electric SUV that many will appreciate. The maximum capacity of the cargo compartment is 1.7 m 3. In China, three rows of seats are standard (although the third row is more for children), but it will be optional in other countries. The interior looks high quality, as it should be for Mercedes-Benz. The front center is the latest MBUX infotainment system.

In terms of appearance, the front of the EQB family looks the same as all recent Mercedes electric vehicles, with an unusually blank panel in place of the radiator grille. Still, the rear one may seem a little old-fashioned to many, with a lot of space between the rear window, roofline, and lights stripes. Perhaps this is because the rear is too similar to the EQS sedan and looks out of place on an SUV.

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Mercedes-Benz notes that the SUV supports 100-kilowatt charging and can replenish up to 80% of the battery capacity in 30 minutes. In the American version, these characteristics may change. Production of the Chinese model will begin in China this year, while Daimler’s Hungarian plant will produce the SUV for other countries.

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