Microsoft has massively updated Windows 10 and Windows 11


Developers fixed 78 security vulnerabilities

Microsoft has released updates for modern operating systems Windows 10 and Windows 11. The update, as part of the traditional monthly “update on Tuesdays” (Patch Tuesday), brought both fixes and a number of new features. 


In particular, the developers have fixed 78 security vulnerabilities, including 38 that allow attackers to run malicious code on a PC. At the same time, Microsoft classified only six vulnerabilities as “critical”. 

In addition to security fixes, functional updates to Windows 11 Moment 3 became available to all Windows 11 version 22H2 users along with the update. the clock window that was in Windows 10). There are also several new pages in Settings, animated taskbar widget icons, the ability to copy security codes from notifications, VPN status display in the taskbar, support for Bluetooth Low Energy Audio, support for live subtitles in more languages ​​and voice access in more the number of dialects of the English language, and so on.  

Microsoft has massively updated Windows 10 and Windows 11

For users of the original version of Windows 11, there is a small update that does not add many new features, but includes fixes for a number of known issues, including the Narrator feature crash and a crash accessing sites in IE mode. 

Windows 10 has added an improved search field on the taskbar. In addition, this update adds support for displaying up to three high-priority notifications on the screen at the same time. The developers have fixed a number of crashes and bugs, including a crash with accessing sites in IE mode, when working with multifunction label printers, and so on. 

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In addition, Microsoft has listed known issues that have not yet been fixed. In Windows 11, these issues include failures with provisioning packages on Windows 11 22H2 to set up new devices on corporate or school networks. On Windows 10, an issue with uninstalling an outdated version of Microsoft Edge when a modern version of Microsoft Edge is not installed to replace it.