Microsoft is determined: users see annoying Windows 11 ads in full screen


Since February 1, Microsoft has already stopped selling Windows 10 licenses on its website.

Microsoft has begun aggressively encouraging Windows 10 users to upgrade to the more modern Windows 11.

Windows 11.
Windows 11

Windows 10 users are complaining online that a full-screen page has begun to appear on their computers, offering to upgrade to Windows 11 and completely covering the desktop. 

Moreover, Microsoft offers only two obvious options for closing this page, and both essentially mean “I agree.” The first button starts the update right at the moment you click it, and the second one allows you to schedule the installation at a later time. If you look closely, you can see a less noticeable “dead end” – a small link “Keep Windows 10”. 

Windows 11
Windows 11

Needless to say, Windows 10 users are unhappy with Microsoft’s attempts to impose the operating system with tricky banners and optical illusions. Many users are likely to hit the first button that is visually highlighted with color without reading the message, let alone looking for the cancel button, just to get back to their desktop and do their work. 

Fortunately, Microsoft has not yet launched an automatic update to Windows 11, so the chances of a user unexpectedly getting a new operating system are slim yet. 

On February 1, Microsoft stopped selling Windows 10 licenses on its website. 

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