Minecraft Earth received the final update and the server shutdown date is June 30


Minecraft Earth received the final update and the server shutdown date is June 30

Microsoft publishing house and developer studio Mojang on the official Minecraft website announced the release of the latest update and the imminent closure of the shareware mobile AR game Minecraft Earth‘s servers.

Minecraft Earth
Minecraft Earth

The mentioned patch was released today and brought the project to the final build. It includes: still unreleased, but ready-made content, getting rid of microtransactions, reducing the cost of rubies and reducing the time for crafting and smelting.

Everyone who has rubies on their balance in Minecraft Earth will be given mine coins – they can be spent in the Minecraft Marketplace to buy skin packs and textures, maps and even mini-games.

Besides, those who invest in Minecraft Earth are promised a free copy of Minecraft Bedrock. The page with frequently asked questions clarifies that we are talking about publishing a specific mobile platform.

Microsoft and Mojang Studios decided on such a generosity due to the imminent closure of Minecraft Earth: from June 30, the project will not be able to download or even launch. On July 1, a global cleaning of the entire player base will take place.

“Minecraft Earth was conceived for free movement and cooperative play – two things that are almost impossible in the current situation. As a result, we made a difficult decision: to direct resources to other areas that are of value to the Minecraft community and to end support for Minecraft Earth in June 2021, ”the developers said.

Minecraft Earth has been in Early Access on iOS and Android devices since October 2019. More than 2.5 million people downloaded the game in a week and a half after the United States launch.



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