Mobile Google Maps will receive an improved interface


Last updated on August 11th, 2023 at 10:26 pm

Mobile Google Maps will receive an improved interface

The XDA Developers portal reported that some users of the Google Maps mobile application have an updated interface. The company has made important improvements related to the usability of the software product.

Google Maps

Firstly, the upper section of the screen, where the fields for entering route points are located, has received a rounded shape and is now a small rectangle. The font style has changed. Thanks to the creation of a more compact appearance of the routes section, the map visibility area has increased, which is also an undoubted plus.

Secondly, the section with the choice of the type of transport and the method of movement (car, bicycle, taxi or on foot) has been moved from the top to the bottom when the route is built. The selection of items is now done in a vertically scrolling list, instead of in a small horizontal bar. You can also choose the best route option in the bottom bar. Such solutions are made specifically for the convenience of working in the application on devices with a large screen.

At the moment, the update is not yet available to a wide range of users. Most likely, Google tests it in a randomized fashion.


In addition, Google has added a split-screen for navigation: at the top is the Google Street View section, and at the bottom is a map with the user’s location. This feature is spreading in waves to all Google Maps users on Android.

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