Netflix Games for subscribers are coming


With a Netflix subscription, smartphone games are now included, to be downloaded and played without limitations and advertisements

For those who have a subscription to Netflix, in addition to TV series and all films, it is now also possible to enjoy Netflix games (for smartphones and tablets, not for TV) without having to spend any more money.

netflix games
NetFlix games
The Netflix games have therefore been grouped in a special section of the Netflix app for Android and iPhone (although for iPhone it is not yet available at the moment) and can only be played for free by those with a paid subscription. They are complete games, without advertising and not even in-app purchases to make upgrades or customizations.

So, anyone who has an active subscription, at any level, can download, install and play all the games that are developed by Netflix for free. The games section is added to the main menu of the Netflix application, the one at the bottom and just open it to choose the game to download.

Any progress or record of the game is saved to your Netflix account, so you can continue it at any time.

These games are not available on Netflix’s child profiles and if you protect an adult Netflix profile with a PIN, you will need to enter it to play.

Some of the games will also be able to be played without an internet connection, offline, so even while travelling by plane.

For now, the following smartphone games are available for free with a Netflix account :

  • Stranger Things: 1984, (for Android ), adventure graphics inspired by the famous Netflix show, with top view and vintage graphics.
  • Stranger Things 3: The Game (for Android ), the sequel to the Stranger Things adventure.
  • Shooting Hoops (for Android ), shooting hoops game.
  • Card Blast (for Android ), a puzzle game with cards
  • Teeter (Up) (for Android ), physics-based game.

These games can be downloaded, as mentioned, directly from the app or (also given that at the time of writing I still do not find the games section), they can be installed directly from the Google Play Store. When starting each game, you will be prompted to log in with a Netflix profile, which does not have to be that of a child account.

At the moment, these Netflix games, which are only available on Android, are not quite the best, but we are still sure that the catalogue will grow with new titles and you can keep an eye on the Home page on the Google Play Store to find, in the future. , the best game to download.

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