New MacBook Air is on its way: Korea certified battery


New MacBook Air is on its way: Korea certified battery

Rumors have it that the updated MacBook Air could be released earlier than expected. Earlier on the Web, information has already appeared that the battery for the new ultrabook is certified by Chinese and Danish regulators. According to new data, the same battery has been certified by the South Korean organization Safety Korea Certification.


Among other things, a photo of this battery has appeared, which strongly indicates that it is intended for the MacBook Air. The capacity of the battery, which carries the model number A2389, is 4380 mAh. It is not yet known exactly when the new MacBook Air will be released. It is reported that the thin laptop will be one of the first Apple computers based on the company’s own ARM processor and will hit the market before the end of this year.

Apple announced the switch to its own computer chips during the WWDC developer conference in June this year. This process is expected to take two years. However, the company did not say which model of computer will receive the new processor first.

In addition to improving performance, Apple’s ARM processors are expected to provide unprecedented battery life due to much higher energy efficiency than current Intel processors. The 49.9 Wh battery is supposed to give the MacBook Air 11 hours of web browsing.



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