Nikon free photography lessons extended until the end of May


Last updated on May 1st, 2023 at 07:46 pm

Those who did not have time to follow the 10 video lessons that Nikon made available online for free in April should not lose heart: there will be time until the end of May.

This is an opportunity to be seized for all those who love the world of photography and who wish to take advantage of this forced quarantine period to cultivate passions that otherwise – in “normal” conditions of life – we would hardly have time to carry on with the method.

Nikon free photography lessons

The success of the Nikon School Online courses has therefore led the company to extend the duration of the promotional period: for this month, some innovations have been introduced for this month, including the Creator’s Hour events during which interviews with creatives and internationally renowned photographers. If instead, we need something different, with Moments of Zen we can appreciate on the screen relaxing images taken in the most disparate corners of the world.


  • in summary, with the month of May Nikon’s video lessons, make available for free:
  • Nikon School course – 10 lessons on general photos and videos. HERE the link to access.
  • Creator’s Hours with AMA Chat – interviews with photographers and creatives are made available twice a week. Questions will be asked via the Nikon USA Instagram account.
  • Creativity Challenges – weekly photo and video challenges via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The intent is to stimulate those who follow the courses.
  • Moments of Zen – a short break to immerse yourself in relaxing photos. The channels are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Instagram Live at Home – you can chat with Nikon ambassadors and photographers every week via Instagram.
  • Creative @ Home – video series with Nikon ambassadors “inviting” students online to their homes to show them what they are working on.

In short, a new opportunity not to be missed if we love the world of photography and if we want to spend a different weekend than usual.

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