Not as bad as Intel’s. AMD has reported for the first quarter of 2023


The Client division was the hardest hit

AMD has published the results of the first quarter of fiscal year 2023.  


Like Intel and Samsung , AMD’s performance has dipped significantly, although the situation is not so catastrophic. The company’s revenue fell only 9% to $5.353 billion. And this is even more than analysts’ forecasts. But the quarter still ended with a net loss of $139 million versus a net profit of $786 million a year earlier. 

Not as bad as Intel’s. AMD has reported for the first quarter of 2023

By the way, on a non-GAAP basis, AMD ended the quarter with a net profit of $970 million. 

Going into the report in more detail, the Data Center division was able to maintain revenue at last year’s level and show an operating profit of $148 million, although this is three times less than a year ago. The Gaming division is also doing well, with a marginal decline in revenue and only a 12% drop in operating profit. 

The Client division suffered the most. Revenue here fell by a factor of three, and a profit of $692 million last year was replaced by a loss of $172 million. 

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