NVIDIA doesn’t want GeForce Now to repeat Google Stadia’s mistakes


NVIDIA doesn’t want GeForce Now to repeat Google Stadia’s mistakes

Cloud streaming technology is still in its infancy, and even big players with a huge amount of funds find it difficult to promote it – Google just recently closed its own studios that made games for Stadia. GeForce Now is also going through hard times after leaving publishers Activision Blizzard, Bethesda, and 2K Games. But NVIDIA is confident that it won’t make the same mistakes as its competitors.


Phil Eisler, VP and Chief Operating Officer of GeForce Now, was recently interviewed by PCGamesN regarding the evolution of streaming services. The right approach, he said, is to move away from buying temporary exclusives in favor of allowing players to launch games in the cloud from their existing libraries. NVIDIA does not limit users to the ability to buy the game only on the cloud platform. The problem of high latencies persists but leaves them the opportunity to download the game and run it locally on their PC.

Also, while Stadia acts as a full-fledged standalone platform and requires developers to make efforts to port their projects, GeForce Now, as noted by Mr. Eisler, uses standard PC builds. As a result, NVIDIA, just one click of a button is enough to add a game to the supported catalog.

Also, developers do not spend efforts supporting their games in GeForce Now – optimizations for conventional video cards are also suitable for NVIDIA server accelerators, which are optimized for cloud computing and the fastest and most efficient video encoding.

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NVIDIA doesn’t think streaming gaming services will ever lead to the disappearance of powerful gaming PCs and consoles, as some originally thought. Rather, the slow growth of such services is similar to the progressive development of the virtual reality sector, which also did not boom. But cloud services are already becoming an add-on for low-end PCs and mobile devices, with a versatile cross-platform approach.


“Cloud gaming also provides an opportunity to expand the market, instantly making a billion low-power PCs and other devices ready to launch demanding projects,” said the chief executive of NVIDIA. ” This is an opportunity to introduce hundreds of millions of people to computer games

But in any case, NVIDIA wants to continue making regular graphics cards for the discerning user and enthusiast looking for powerful gaming PCs and laptops.

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