Oculus Quest 2 update brings native support for 120Hz and wireless from PC


Oculus Quest 2 update brings native support for 120Hz and wireless from PC

Oculus has announced that wireless PC streaming, 120Hz refresh rate support, and Infinite Office enhancements are coming to Oculus Quest 2 with the 28th software update. The company will be out soon.

oculus Quest 2
oculus Quest 2

Infinite Office is a feature included with Oculus Home that allows users to work in a virtual environment. With Update 28, this mode will have an experimental feature that will allow you to add a virtual table to where the real one is, allowing a person to know where he can sit and place real physical objects without leaving the virtual reality. The Quest 2 will also render the Logitech K830 virtual keyboard, although Facebook says it will support rendering for more keyboard models in the future.

Another feature of the update is the ability to stream games or applications from a desktop computer wirelessly. Oculus has named its wireless streaming feature Air Link, akin to wired Link. This functionality will only work well with some network settings – the instructions for enabling it are pretty transparent: you need a good Wi-Fi connection to get an acceptable environment. However, the wired connection will still provide better performance.

Facebook said it would not rule out the possibility of adding Air Link to the original Quest in the future. Still, so far, the company is focusing on optimizing Air Link for optimal performance with the Oculus Quest 2.

The update also includes an experimental 120Hz refresh rate versus the current 90Hz and original 72Hz. Previously, the company promised to deploy this opportunity in March. Oculus notes that it will take some time to try the mode: Quest 2 software will still run at 90Hz; it will take developer effort to get their games and software running at 120Hz. However, the wait may not be that long: some developers promise to release improvements as soon as Quest 2 receives the 28th update.

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