OnePlus broke an old promise with the budget smartphone Nord N100


OnePlus broke an old promise with the budget smartphone Nord N100

About a year ago, OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, who recently left the company, promised that all future smartphones of the company, without exception, will be equipped with Fluid Display. As a reminder, according to OnePlus specifications, only displays with a refresh rate of at least 90 Hz and a fast response time can be referred to as “Fluid”. Nevertheless, one of the smartphones presented today, namely the Nord N100, did not receive such a matrix.

One Plus

It’s worth noting that the more expensive Nord N10 5G boasts a high refresh rate display. However, the Nord N100 has a 60Hz 720p screen, more typical of budget phones. This can be partially justified by the cost, which is equal to 200 euros.

Nevertheless, the Realme 7 has been on the market for some time now, which at a similar price has a significantly better screen. In addition to boasting a 90Hz refresh rate, the device’s display offers users Full HD + resolution. Another competitor to the Nord N100, the OPPO A53 smartphone, although endowed with a 720p matrix, its refresh rate is also equal to 90 Hz, despite the fact that the cost of the device is lower than that of the new OnePlus, and the other technical characteristics are at a similar level.

In the end, we add that the Nord N10 and N100 received a 3.5mm headphone jack and a microSD card slot, which are not found in other devices of the company currently available, which will certainly delight many fans of the brand.




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