OnePlus officially showed the prototype of the budget smartphone Nord


OnePlus has released the first episode of a documentary dedicated to the upcoming budget smartphone Nord. A ten-minute video reveals a lot of details about the device, including its appearance and cost. In addition, the video is designed to give users an idea of ​​the process of developing a new smartphone.

OnePlus Nord budget
OnePlus Nord budget

OnePlus officially showed the prototype of the budget smartphone Nord

One of the most interesting details that the video reveals is the design of the OnePlus Nord. The smartphone’s layout appears in the frame, thanks to which it becomes clear how the final device will look. At the bottom, there is a charging connector, a slot for SIM-cards, and speaker grille. There is no 3.5 mm headphone jack on the smartphone.

The layout also confirms the presence of a dual front camera located in an oval neckline. In addition, the video reveals the design of the rear panel of the smartphone. Apparently, the device will receive the main camera with three lenses located in the shape of the letter “G”. Something below the design resembles the design of cameras in the latest iPhone.

As for the price of a smartphone, the video says that it will be below $ 500, although the exact cost of the device is not disclosed. According to previous data, it will start at $ 299. The next episode of the smartphone documentary will be released on July 7th. In total, four parts were announced, which will be released once a week. Based on this, it can be assumed that the new smartphone will be presented in the last week of July. Although earlier there were rumors about the announcement on July 10.



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