How to see Diplo’s secret concert on Fornite: timetables


Last updated on April 29th, 2023 at 01:48 pm

Fortnite hosts the live concert of Diplo by Major Lazer: here’s how to participate in the event in the new Party Royale mode

After Travis Scott’s concert-event last weekend, Fortnite decided to immediately reply with another live concert: this time it was the turn of Diplo of Major Lazer. Compared to Travis Scott’s event, capable of capturing the attention of over 25 million players, Diplo’s DJ Set was not sponsored in time by Epic Games but was anticipated only a few hours from the start.

Diplo by Major Lazer

The concert was aired on the night between 1 and 2 May and was hosted in the new Party Royale mode released only a few days ago, also without much notice. For the uninitiated, Party Royale is a new Fortnite mode in which weapons are banned and players can socialize safely by participating in the various activities on the new Papaya map. The Diplo concert was an opportunity to inaugurate the new mode and the new map, even if a little more notice would have allowed a greater influx of people. For this reason, Fortnite has already scheduled a reply: Saturday 2 May at 16:00.

How to participate in Diplo’s DJ Set on Fortnite

After the first event broadcast on the night between 1 and 2 May (at 3:00 am), the Major Lazer ‘s Diplo concert can be reviewed at 4:00 pm on May 2. The appointment is at the Main Stage on the Papaya map of the new Party Royale mode.

Compared to previous concerts hosted by Fortnite (Marshmello and Travis Scott ), the Diplo event is slightly different. In fact, live images of the concert are broadcast on the Main Stage screen and Diplo has not been recreated in the videogame. A different approach which, however, could open new paths in Fortnite: at a time when it is not possible to do live concerts, broadcasting them within the video game could be a valid alternative.

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How to get Major Lazer skins

As happened with Travis Scott, also, in this case, the Major Lazer skins arrived in the Fortnite store. The cost for the full bundle is 2475 V-Buck, but many other items are also available.

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