Presented smart glasses for the visually impaired.


These are Panasonic VR glasses with 5.2K HDR OLED screens and Biel Glasses technology

Biel Glasses and Panasonic have unveiled smart glasses for the visually impaired, which the two companies have been working on since 2021.

Biel Glasses is a Barcelona-based startup that is developing smart glasses to solve the mobility problems of people with visual impairments, allowing them to significantly increase their mobility. The company was founded by a doctor and an engineer who wanted to find a solution for their son, Bill, who was born visually impaired. Biel Glasses technology uses artificial intelligence to understand the scene and mixed reality to tailor it to patients’ remaining vision.

smart glasses
smart glasses

The device combines lightweight Panasonic VR glasses with 5.2K HDR OLED screens and Biel Glasses technology for the visually impaired. The glasses solve the wearer’s movement problems caused by poor vision, which is most serious in the case of loss of peripheral vision (tunnel vision, a consequence of diseases such as glaucoma and retinitis pigmentosa). The goggles allow users to see obstacles and other hazards while moving safely on their own.

AI and robotics are used to analyze scene content captured by cameras and sensors in real time. The glasses detect obstacles to movement, such as steps, pits, and so on. Mixed reality is then used so that the user can perceive them with graphical indications adapted to the user’s remaining vision.

Optometrists customize the features of smart glasses according to the specific condition and needs of each patient. This helps them optimally adjust the image to their vision (zooming, adapting to lighting, enhancing contrast, and so on).

Biel Glasses and Panasonic said they are going to conduct clinical trials to commercialize this solution.

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