Path of Exile 2 RPG Trailer and Gameplay


Path of Exile 2 RPG Trailer and Gameplay

Grinding Gear Games has hosted a new Livestream of the action RPG Path of Exile 2. It featured a Path of Exile 2 trailer and an expanded gameplay demo.

Path of Exile 2
Path of Exile 2

Path of Exile 2 was first announced at ExileCon in 2019, so Grinding Gear Games founder Chris Wilson kicked off the air by commenting on the long lack of news. He talked about the scale of the game and the team’s desire to create a new full-fledged campaign and several large elaborate systems, including skill gems. He noted that the team is still not halfway through the development of Path of Exile 2, but still, production is progressing according to plan.

This trailer showcases several new gameplay snippets and demonstrations of the Vastiri Desert, the second largest Path of Exile 2 after Ogam Island, first shown at ExileCon 2019. “Among the ancient ruins, evil is gathering momentum. The seed of corruption spreads, spreading fear and despair. We have to move. These sands hold countless secrets—three thousand years of dormant malice. We must hunt down the grain and end its madness if Wraeclast wants to survive, ”the voiceover says.

Wilson showed and commented on 20 minutes of Path of Exile 2’s gameplay using a new location as an example after the trailer itself. Several different areas of the Vastari Desert were on display, and a huge new caravan transports players between different areas of their choice. But the star of the presentation was two new types of weapons: spears and crossbows. The spear in the demo gave the player the ability to cause a storm around them. Exiting it leads to an explosion that deals with area damage. Crossbows are also unique: they can be used with different types of arrows, including armor-piercing ones.

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The studio also revealed improved animations and new mini-bosses, which will be emphasized in Path of Exile 2. And groups of enemies received more advanced AI. One of the interesting aspects of the game is that the first Path of Exile campaign and the second part will be in the same client, and players will be able to transfer their characters and accounts from the old story to the new and vice versa.


Unfortunately, the team did not name the release time of Path of Exile 2, although it is known that this year the game should not be expected. This action RPG promises a seven-act story campaign, 19 new character classes, a redesigned system of skills and equipment, and“Much more synthesizers”

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