Photo showcase with artificial intelligence appeared in Odnoklassniki


In apps for Android and iOS

The Odnoklassniki team announced the launch of a new service on the social network. As noted in the press service, the photo showcase is a single entry point for viewing, creating and editing content.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Odnoklassniki said:

Now in the “Photos” section, the authors will be able to view archived and publish fresh photos, and using machine learning technologies, they can create new content for their friends and subscribersDuring the test run, users uploaded more than 250,000 images through collections.

The new service will allow faster processing and publishing of content. The “Photo Selection” feature will help authors quickly find photos grouped by date and geolocation.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

There was also an “Ideas” tab for finding inspiration and a “New Look” with deepfake technologies. Another innovation that became available as part of the launch of the photo showcase is an updated process for creating digital “books” and video clips from photos. Slideshows are assembled using AI, you can also scan photos on physical media, colorize archived black and white photographs, and so on. 

Photo showcase with artificial intelligence appeared in Odnoklassniki

Answering a question from about the security measures taken by Odnoklassniki in connection with the use of the scandalous deepfake technology in the New Image tab,  a representative of Odnoklassniki replied:

We use deepfake technologies to integrate the user’s face into the image of celebrities, heroes of famous films and photographs. Our personal animation creation service offers users to process pre-loaded photos and GIF animations from our partners and is aimed solely at enabling users to imagine themselves in a new image. 

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Almost all the innovations of the photo showcase are available in the Odnoklassniki apps on Android and iOS. The exception was the “Photo Selection”, which is currently only available to Android users. 

We are not yet ready to announce the exact dates, but we are working in this direction, and in the near future the feature will also be available on iOS.

In November last year, users on VK were offered to use the deepfake technologyWhen created videos are exported to external platforms, they are marked with a special watermark so that people can easily distinguish deepfake videos from videos shot with real celebrities.


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