Photos of junior GPUs AD107/AD106 for mobile RTX 4050/4060/4070 hit the Network


These laptops are coming out very soon.

Photos of Nvidia GPUs of the Ada Lovelace generation, designed for low-cost video cards, have leaked to the Web.

Nvidia GPUs
Nvidia GPUs

In the picture you can see the AD107 and AD106 GPUs. So far, there are no carriers of these processors in the desktop segment, but they have already been announced in the mobile segment: these are the RTX 4050/4060 and RTX 4070.  

The new GPUs are very compact. The area of ​​the smaller one is about 150–160 mm2 , and the larger one is 180–190 mm2 . In comparison, the AD104, which is based on the desktop RTX 4070 Ti and should be based on the mobile RTX 4090, has an area of ​​almost 300mm2 . 

The AD107 received 3072 CUDA cores while the AD106 offers 4608 CUDA cores. In both cases, the video cards will have a 128-bit memory bus.  

Laptops based on video cards with these GPUs should hit the market soon.  

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