New Latest LG Floor Standing AC

The existence of air conditioning devices ( AC) seems to be a necessity that is inseparable from the lives of people who live in areas with tropical climates such as Indonesia. Especially for modern families in various cities. Generally, a single split AC with the characteristics of an indoor unit attached to the wall connected to an outdoor unit is the most popular choice for cooling this room.

LG Floor Standing AC
LG Floor Standing AC

If the room exceeds the cooling capacity that a single split AC can achieve, a solution is usually chosen by adding the AC unit to another wall. Views like this are easy to find, from small cafes and other business spaces to the living room of a house.

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Can Shorten After Using AC and Disturbing Views

Even though this besides being able to shorten after using the air conditioner, it also disturbs the view. This was conveyed by Changmin Han Product Director of Air Solutions – LG Electronics Indonesia. “Apart from disturbing the aesthetics of space, on the other hand, it also creates difficulties in caring for and maintaining the outdoor unit,” said Changmin Han.

This, according to him, is related to the installation of the outdoor unit with consideration of setting the length of the pipe that must be met to get the best performance of the AC unit. “With limited outdoor unit installation space, this is often overlooked. As a result, the AC unit does not run optimally and shortens its service life,” he added.

The solution for this is not there. LG has even prepared it with its floor-standing AC series. With a cooling capacity starting from 2 1/2 PK, this LG floor-standing AC is a more compact alternative to handle cooling larger spaces for both commercial and residential needs.

This is because one floor-standing AC unit with a larger capacity is only connected to one outdoor unit. “With increasingly narrow outdoor unit installation spaces and piping, the installation of only one outdoor unit can be designed to ensure that the AC unit operates optimally,” said Changmin Han.

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Changmin Han further stated the owner does not need to doubt the ability of the LG Floor Standing AC within its reach to cool the entire space. This is because an LG Floor Standing AC is designed with the ability to circulate cool air up to 20 meters from where it is placed.

There is no doubt about the speed of space cooling. Even LG has equipped it with the Power Cooling Mode feature. Activated via a single button on the remote control, just one press will make the LG Floor Standing air conditioner operate by lowering the temperature setting to 18 degrees Celsius. Not only that, the wind direction control fin immediately changes its direction to ensure that the cool breeze is wide open to increase the speed of space cooling.

More Efficient and Can Be Placed Anywhere

Even with a large cooling capacity and cooling features that can work evenly to fill the room, this does not mean that the LG Floor Standing AC series has high electricity consumption. This is because the LG Floor Standing AC has an inverter technology base on its compressor which makes it able to work to adjust the speed as needed without having to repeatedly go through the compressor turning off and on again.

Especially if you look at it from a design perspective, the LG Floor Standing AC has advantages over the single split AC that is usually used. From the design that is placed standing on the floor, the installation does not require activities that can damage parts of the room such as mounting on a wall.

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While the overall shape was not exactly unattractive. The tall, towering shape with the predominance of white color makes it easy to blend in with the overall interior space. By placing it in one corner of the room, adding some ornaments to the nearby space can obscure its existence.

All of these advantages make the LG Floor Standing AC series the right choice for both commercial and residential space needs. In residential areas, apart from living rooms, the use of LG Floor Standing AC can also be used in apartment units. With the arrangement of rooms close to each other, the use of one LG Floor Standing AC unit can be a cooling center for several rooms at once.

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