Rumors: Prince of Persia Remake Won’t Come November, and Switch isn’t actually on target list


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:27 pm

Rumors: Prince of Persia Remake Won’t Come November, and Switch isn’t actually on target list

Niko Partners senior analyst Daniel Ahmad in his microblog commented on the release dates and target platforms of the Prince of Persia remake, which has been rumored in recent months.

Prince of Remake
Prince of Remake

As a reminder, on August 19, the pages of the Prince of Persia remake for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch were spotted on the website of the Guatemalan online store MAX. November of the current year was specified as the release date of the game.

The leak of the new Prince of Persia was later confirmed by Bloomberg employee Jason Schreier, but the journalist did not go into details from the MAX website. Quite possibly in vain.

According to Ahmad, the Guatemalan retailer made a mistake with the target platforms and the timing of the project’s release: the Prince of Persia remake is allegedly not intended for the Nintendo Switch and will not appear on store shelves in November.


The announcement of the updated Prince of Persia has not yet sounded, but, according to Schreier, you won’t have to wait long for official confirmation: the presentation will supposedly take place within the framework of the upcoming Ubisoft Forward broadcast.

The second edition of the Ubisoft Newsletter will air tomorrow, September 10th. The online event kicks off with an hour-long preview show at 9:00 pm ET.

In addition to the Prince of Persia remake, Immortals Fenix Rising (formerly Gods & Monsters) is expected to be presented within the next episode of Ubisoft Forward. This information was officially confirmed by the French publishing house.

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