scientists have created a device, it reduces stress levels in humans


Finally useful technology!

If a person is under stress, then he often tries to distract himself or calm down, but this is not always possible. For example, traditional methods like breathing exercises, walking, or meditation can hardly be used in the workplace. And so scientists from Cornell University (USA) came up with a device that reduces stress.


It is based on the principle of affective touch. The bottom line is that slowly stroking or scratching the skin with a soft brush reduces stress levels – and this has been proven a few years ago. By the way, the same principle lies in scratching the cat between the ears so that the pet calms down. The brain perceives this as a reward and causes a feeling of satisfaction.

Stress Device
Stress Device  

Researchers have created a wearable accessory that includes an electric motor, a spring and some other details. But the most important was a piece of synthetic fur that moves and strokes a person’s hand.

Research has shown that there is an effect. The work was attended by 24 volunteers, who were divided into 2 groups. The first did not use the gadget, while the second put the devices on her forearms. It turned out that the second group had a 50% lower stress level than the first. Pulse and other indicators did not differ.

At the moment, the university is developing a portable version of the device, which they plan to bring to the market.

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