Shooter Gears 5 will receive the first story expansion in December


Shooter Gears 5 will receive the first story expansion in December

Studios The Coalition announced that Gears 5, a story-driven add-on for the shooter, will be released this December. It will be called Hivebusters and will most likely be dedicated to the Scorpion team.


In Gears 5, Hive Hunters are a squad of three fighters who play the main role in Escape. Team Scorpion, which includes Keegan, Lani, and Mac, infiltrate the locust hives and destroy the enemy strongholds from within. Despite the fact that almost nothing was said about them in the campaign of the series of games, the story of the characters is described in the comics Gears of War: Hivebusters.

Gears 5 lead producer Zoe Curnoe said the expansion will take about 3-4 hours to complete.

The Coalition CTO Mike Rayner also mentioned that the expansion will be the first Gears 5 story content to be built around the Xbox Series X and S from the outset. So, on next-gen consoles, the DLC will feature advanced ultra-high-definition lighting and textures.

The Gears 5 campaign will also receive an update on November 10 with a New Game + mode, two new difficulty levels, achievements, Dave Bautista skin for Marcus Phoenix, and more.

Recall that Gears 5 is out on PC and Xbox One, and on November 10 will receive a free update for Xbox Series X and S.



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