Social network VKontakte restarted on computers


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:40 pm

Desktop version design has been extended for all users

The VKontakte team announced the relaunch of the design of the social network on computers. The new look and interface became available to all users on the main VKontakte website ( ). 


Social network Vkontakte restarted on computers

As the developers note, now VKontakte looks similar and recognizable on all devices, and it is easier for users to focus on communication and content.

In October, the new version of the VKontakte website was tested on 100,000 volunteers. As a result of the test run, 78% of them preferred the fresh design to the old one. At the same time, many wrote in support with a request to include the updated design for all users.

According to the developers, the update develops the VK design system. The VKontakte ecosystem is based on it, which includes Food VKontakte, Taxi VKontakte, and other services. The new design has become simpler and more versatile for both users and the design and developer community. Earlier, the VK team completely updated the mobile application and the mobile version of the site.   

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