Sony decided not to close PS Store on PS3 and PS Vita due to wave of fan discontent


Sony decided not to close PS Store on PS3 and PS Vita due to wave of fan discontent

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan, on the official PlayStation blog, has announced a partial overhaul of a recent ruling on the fate of the PS Store for PS3, PS Vita, and PSP.

Playstation store
Playstation store

We will remind, at the end of March, it was announced that Sony Interactive Entertainment intends to end support for its digital store in versions for the listed consoles this summer.

The decision was greeted by the players negatively (the 3DNews editors also did not stand aside ), and, apparently, the wave of popular indignation was not in vain: on two out of three consoles – PS3 and PS Vita – the PS Store will continue to work.

Ryan said the decision to discontinue the purchase feature on PS3 and PS Vita comes with many difficulties. The company thought it would be wiser to focus our resources on new devices.


But something went wrong: “Many of you would like to continue buying classic PS3 and PS Vita games soon, so I’m glad we were able to find a solution that allows us to continue to support the purchase functionality

“I am pleased to know that the history of older devices continues, while at the same time we continue to create new and unrivaled gaming worlds for PS4, PS5, and next-generation VR systems,” Ryan said.

However, at this celebration of life, there was no place for PSP users. As planned, Sony’s 2005 handheld console will be disconnected from the PlayStation Store on July 2.

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