Sony’s PlayStation Plus Subscription Price Increase in India: What You Should Know


Sony’s PlayStation Plus Subscription Price Increase in India: What You Should Know

In a move to enhance the gaming experience, Sony has adjusted the prices of its PlayStation Plus subscriptions in India. We’ll break down the details of these changes, explore the different subscription tiers, and answer some FAQs related to this topic.

Understanding PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus, or PS Plus, is a subscription service by Sony for PlayStation gaming consoles. It offers a bundle of benefits, including free games, online multiplayer access, exclusive discounts, and more, designed to elevate your gaming adventures.

Sony's PlayStation Plus

Sony’s PlayStation Plus


New Price Adjustments

Let’s take a closer look at the revised prices for the 12-month PlayStation Plus plans:

PS Plus Essential: Rs 2,999 ➡ Rs 3,949

PS Plus Extra: Rs 4,999 ➡ Rs 6,699

PS Plus Deluxe: Rs 5,749 ➡ Rs 7,599

1-month and 3-month subscription plans remain unchanged.

When Do the New Prices Take Effect?

Current members need not worry; the new prices won’t apply until their next renewal, not before November 6. However, subscription changes like upgrades, downgrades, or extensions will be subject to the new pricing structure.

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Exploring PlayStation Plus Tiers

To grasp the value of PlayStation Plus, let’s delve into its three tiers:


Enjoy monthly free games and significant discounts on PlayStation Store titles, perfect for expanding your gaming library without breaking the bank.


Go a step further with access to Essential benefits and an extensive library of games for both PS4 and PS5 consoles, catering to dedicated gamers.


For the ultimate gaming experience, Deluxe includes classic titles from various PlayStation eras, plus cloud-based streaming for gaming on the go.

FAQs to Sony’s PlayStation Plus 

Why is Sony increasing PlayStation Plus prices in India?

Sony aims to provide high-quality games and additional benefits to subscribers, necessitating a price adjustment.

When will the new prices be effective for current members?

The new prices will apply only upon the next renewal, not before November 6.

What happens if I upgrade or downgrade my subscription?

Any changes to your subscription, including upgrades or downgrades, will be subject to the new pricing structure.

What distinguishes the Deluxe tier from the other PlayStation Plus tiers?

The Deluxe tier offers classic titles from past PlayStation generations and cloud-based gaming capabilities.

Is PlayStation Plus worth it for casual gamers?

Absolutely, the Essential tier provides complimentary games and discounts, making it a great choice for expanding your gaming collection affordably.

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