Startup Retomagic introduced its social network. Is created using AI.

You can register and try

Startup Retomagic has launched for everyone the first version of its eponymous social network, where all content is created using AI. There is already the possibility of registering and choosing a nickname, a feed, likes, subscriptions and a view counter.

An example of a neural network
An example of a neural network

The developers have also improved the image generator, now you can choose styles in it: anime, Vaporwave, cyberpunk and others. The system generates several images in a given style, then they can be downloaded. It takes about a minute to generate. The generation system itself was created on the basis of developments

In addition, a mobile application is already ready, it is currently being moderated in the App Store, so it may be released soon.

“ Our mission is to make artificial intelligence understandable to humans. We will be releasing a lot of educational materials for free on our platform for people unfamiliar with programming ,” said Retomagic CEO Mark Krasotin.

It should be noted that Retomagic is the first domestic image generator based on a text description. The startup has previously created a mobile app that enhances photos. It became popular in Russia.

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