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cheapest video card

The cheapest video card with 16 GB of memory, and even with a unique cooler.


It used to cost $400 Another Intel video card has become cheaper. This time we are talking about the most expensive ...


GeForce RTX 4080 Laptop much faster than RTX 4090 Laptop


As always, choosing a gaming laptop should be approached carefully. Yesterday we saw a comparison of the desktop GeForce RTX 4090 ...


Intel video cards are getting better.


But there are questions about energy consumption Intel recently dropped the price of the Arc A750 graphics card to $250 ...

Radeon RX 6000

There is no inexplicable plague of Radeon RX 6000 video cards.


First of all, the problem is in the wrong storage It seems that there really is  no mysterious plague on Radeon RX ...


TSMC decides to cut prices on 3nm wafers


Because TSMC’s customers started cutting orders It is possible that next-generation processors and video cards will not rise in price ...