There is no inexplicable plague of Radeon RX 6000 video cards.


First of all, the problem is in the wrong storage

It seems that there really is  no mysterious plague on Radeon RX 6000 video cards , and the reason for the recent situation is very simple.

 Radeon RX 6000
Radeon RX 6000

That same repair shop decided to question users who brought in failed Radeon RX 6000s. It turned out that most of the victims bought their video cards from their hands in a period of about two weeks. And bought from the same seller. And these video cards were used for mining. However, often mining does not lead to the failure of 3D cards in such a quantity, and here we come to the main reason.

It turned out that all these video cards were stored somewhere at very high humidity. It was moisture that became the main reason for the failure of the adapters. Whether mining directly contributed to the process is impossible to say.

So the latest AMD driver doesn’t have any problems, and the question of why so many broken cards ended up in one service but not in others has now been answered.

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