Tesla can create an amphibious car based on the Cybertruck pickup truck


Last updated on December 8th, 2022 at 02:15 pm

At least Elon Musk approved the idea.

Elon Musk is sometimes very surprised by his statements or comments on the Web. Designer Slav Popovski created a short video where a Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck floats in water, and it’s obviously not about ford crossing. The designer called his offspring CyberTruck Boat.

Tesla pickup truck
Tesla pickup truck

Tesla can create an amphibious car based on the Cybertruck pickup truck

And all would be fine, only the head of Tesla commented on the report of this video on Twitter.

Of course, these are just words and not even in the format of a promise, but there are a number of nuances that suggest that Tesla could really release a modification of the Cybertruck as an amphibious car.

For example, no one believed in their time when Musk talked about equipping the new Roadster with some additional engines with “rocket technology,” and no one really believed in the release of the flamethrower by the Boring Company. But all this is realized, either in the process. Of course, Tesla is unlikely to produce a serial amphibious pickup, but it can very well produce several copies for fans.

In addition, you can recall that at one time after the video with the Model S actually floating in the flooded tunnel, the head of Tesla said that this car has buoyancy, so there is already a reserve for an amphibian.

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