The company does not want to repair Pixel Watch even for money

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The company says it doesn’t have service centers for this.

The Google Pixel Watch smartwatch is covered with highly rounded glass, and when the device first hit the market there were complaints that this glass was very easy to damage. Now it is reported that Google refuses to repair watches with this type of damage. And even for money.

Pixel Watch
Pixel Watch

We are currently unable to repair the Google Pixel Watch. If your watch is damaged, you can contact Google Pixel Watch customer support to check replacement options

Google adds that it “does not have any repair centers or service centers” to repair the device. Additionally, the watch does not come with an extended warranty. All this together means that if the owner breaks the protective glass or glass along with the screen, Google will not help him with this, even for money, and the user will have two options: either throw away the damaged device or look for a third-party service where they can repair it. watch.

At the same time, it is unclear whether any third-party services repair the Pixel Watch since repairs require spare parts, and it is unclear whether Google supplies them. At a minimum, the average user does not have the opportunity to buy spare parts for independent replacement.

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