The developers of Atomic Heart showed the evolution of the ax

 How crafting changes the look of weapons

Atomic Heart will have resource gathering and crafting. At the same time, craft is not something nominal, the changes will be visible to the naked eye

Atomic Heart
Atomic Heart

Sometimes in games, craft (weapon improvement system) works only nominally. The player observes growing numbers of damage or other characteristics, but the model of the weapon does not change in any way.

In the case of Atomic Heart, progress will be clear. Weapons in the game will get prettier before our eyes, as they improve.

Mundfish talked about the effect of the crafting system in Atomic Heart on weapons: ” We’ve already talked about the crafting system, but we never said that every upgrade changes the look of your weapon… “. They noted that it is far from always possible to get all the upgrades for weapons, i.e. sometimes you have to make a choice.

For example, they showed the evolution of the ax in Atomic Heart.

the ax

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