the first Chinese aircraft COMAC C919 pass through the “water gate”


First flight took place this week

On May 28, the newest narrow-body medium-haul airliner COMAC C919 made its first flight on flight MU9191 from Shanghai to Beijing, as we have already reported . Now, BYD has made an additional announcement.

Sometimes passengers of airliners can observe an unusual picture when the plane is doused with water from fire hoses. This is an international tradition, which is treated very reverently. Aircraft are poured over in different cases, for example, if a new airport was built and put into operation in a settlement, then the first aircraft is passed through the “water gate”. The same applies to aircraft that have flown for the first time on a new route, or simply models that have made their first flight.

aircraft COMAC C919
aircraft COMAC C919

Netizens noticed that a red BYD Tang was standing next to the fire truck. From another angle, a yellow BYD Tang was visible. The manufacturer confirmed that BYD was honored to take part in the historic event, and its vehicles helped serve the first flight of COMAC C919.

Technology shows the strength of our country. BYD Tang welcomes C919! Congratulations on the successful first commercial flight of the C919 and respect for the creators of the aircraft and Chinese technology. Respect to those who work hard to open the way for our country.

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