The Lexus LM: Epitomizing Ultra-Luxury MPV Travel in India


Lexus India has unveiled the much-anticipated second-generation Lexus LM, marking a significant step into the realm of ultra-luxury mobility. This opulent MPV offers a captivating blend of unparalleled comfort, cutting-edge technology, and Lexus’s renowned craftsmanship, catering to discerning travelers seeking an exceptional automotive experience.

A Legacy of Refinement: The All-New Lexus LM

The Lexus LM is the embodiment of automotive luxury, meticulously crafted to redefine the boundaries of in-cabin comfort and functionality. Building upon the success of the first-generation LM, this new iteration elevates the MPV experience to unprecedented heights.

A Strong Lineage: The Lexus LM shares its platform with the highly regarded Toyota Vellfire, but surpasses it in terms of opulent design, premium materials, and an array of advanced features. This strategic decision allows Lexus to leverage Vellfire’s proven reliability while infusing the LM with Lexus’s DNA of unparalleled luxury.

Two Variants for Discerning Tastes: Lexus India offers the LM in two distinct variants: the 7-seater LM 350h and the 4-seater LM 350h Lounge. The 7-seater configuration caters to families and larger groups, while the 4-seater Lounge prioritizes an unparalleled level of personalized comfort, transforming the rear compartment into a luxurious first-class cabin experience.

A Commanding Presence: The Lexus LM’s Striking Exterior

The Lexus LM exudes a sense of grandeur from the very first glance. Its imposing presence is characterized by:

A Massive Spindle Grille: A signature Lexus design element, the spindle grille dominates the front fascia, establishing a bold and confident aesthetic.

Expansive Windshield: The expansive windshield provides exceptional outward visibility for the driver and a sense of openness for all passengers.

Stylish LED Headlights: The tri-beam LED headlights offer a distinctive Lexus design language while ensuring superior nighttime illumination.

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Electronically Sliding Rear Doors: Adding to the LM’s luxurious appeal is the electronically operated rear sliding doors, offering effortless entry and exit for passengers.

Imposing Wheelbase: The long wheelbase contributes to the MPV’s imposing stance and translates into exceptional interior space and passenger comfort.

Multi-Spoke Alloy Wheels: The Lexus LM rides on stylish multi-spoke alloy wheels that complement the vehicle’s overall design language.

Wraparound LED Taillights: The connected and wraparound LED taillights provide a clean and sophisticated look at the rear, ensuring excellent visibility for following vehicles.

The Lexus LM’s exterior design strikes a perfect balance between grandeur and elegance, making a lasting impression wherever it goes.

A Sanctuary of Comfort and Technology: The Lexus LM Interior

Step inside the Lexus LM, and be prepared to enter a world of unparalleled luxury and technological innovation. The meticulously crafted interior boasts:

Cream-Colored Theme: The light and airy cream-colored theme throughout the cabin creates a spacious and inviting atmosphere.

Minimalist Dashboard Design: The minimalist dashboard layout exudes a sense of sophistication, with two large screens taking center stage.

Digital Driver’s Display: A digital driver’s display provides crucial information clearly and concisely within the driver’s line of sight.

14-Inch Infotainment System: The Lexus LM features a large and intuitive 14-inch infotainment system, offering a variety of entertainment and connectivity options.

Seating Options for Every Need: Globally, the Lexus LM offers a variety of seating configurations, including 4-seater, 6-seater, and 7-seater layouts. In India, the LM is available in the 4-seater Lounge and 7-seater configurations, catering to diverse customer preferences.

Focus on Second-Row Comfort: The second row of the Lexus LM takes center stage when it comes to passenger comfort. Heated and ventilated reclining ottoman seats, a 23-speaker surround sound system, and pillow-styled headrests provide an unparalleled level of relaxation and entertainment.

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Optional 48-Inch Rear Seat Entertainment System: For an even more immersive experience, the Lexus LM offers the option of a massive 48-inch TV mounted on the partition between the front and rear sections of the cabin, transforming the rear compartment into a private cinema.

Additional Technological Enhancements: The LM boasts a 10-inch heads-up display, 64-color ambient lighting, and a comprehensive suite of Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) such as adaptive cruise control and high-beam assist, ensuring a safe and stress-free driving experience.


Q: What are the key features of the Lexus LM’s interior?

A: The Lexus LM boasts a spacious and luxurious cabin with two large screens, reclining ottoman seats, a premium sound system, and a massive 48-inch TV in the second row, ensuring a truly indulgent travel experience.

Q: What sets the Lexus LM apart from other luxury MPVs?

A: The Lexus LM stands out for its exquisite design, advanced technology, and unparalleled comfort features, making it the ultimate choice for discerning customers seeking luxury and sophistication in their travels.

Q: Is the Lexus LM available for test drives?

A: Yes, customers can schedule a test drive of the Lexus LM at their nearest Lexus dealership to experience its superior performance and luxurious amenities firsthand.