The low-cost next-generation game console, the Xbox Series S, may be unveiled in May


Its performance is lower than that of the PS4 Pro

At the end of this year, Sony PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles will enter the market. Judging by numerous rumours, these consoles will cost about $ 500, that is, they will not be cheap.

Xbox Series S
Xbox Series S

And not everyone will be ready to pay such an amount for a new console, especially against the background of the presence of the old ones at significantly lower prices. However, Microsoft may also have an option for the budget-conscious. Recall, long before the announcement of the Xbox Series X, there were rumours on the Web that Microsoft was working on several consoles at once, including a model codenamed Lockhart. And this model supposedly should enter the market under the name Xbox Series S.

Xbox Series S is going to be a cheap Xbox Console coming Soon

And now the source reports that the announcement of this console may take place as early as next month since the console allegedly already passed the Take Home testing phase when employees take the consoles home in order to test them in real-life scenarios.

We know a little about the Xbox Series S. The main thing is that its performance will be 4 TFLOPS, which is one and a half times lower than that of the Xbox One X and even slightly lower than that of the PS4 Pro. It is not very clear why such a prefix of a new generation is needed when there are more powerful consoles of the old generation, but, perhaps, the announcement will put everything in place.

Given the threefold difference in performance, the Xbox Series S will clearly be significantly cheaper than the older model.


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