The new aircraft Superjet 100 for the first time equipped with old engines

Engines – the so-called “second category” from the replacement pool.

According to Kommersant, for the first time in the history of Russian aviation, a domestic airline will receive a new SSJ 100 aircraft with “second category” engines. The units were taken from the so-called replacement pool: a reserve for all Superjet 100 operators.

Superjet 100
Superjet 100

By the end of the year, Azimuth will replenish its fleet with the seventeenth new SSJ-100, having received it from PSB Leasing, used engines will be installed on this aircraft. According to one source, this is the only new SSJ in 2022 delivered with engines that “have a small amount of plaque.” But in 2023, carriers should receive about ten more Superjet 100s from the 2022 plan, some also with engines from the swap pool.

Rostec confirmed that the engines were installed on the aircraft “from the available spare parts”. “ The power plants are in excellent condition, their use cannot affect the operational characteristics and flight safety in any way,” the state corporation emphasized and added that the delivery details were agreed upon with the customer, and “there were no complaints.” At the same time, Rostec did not answer the question about the engine flight time, specifying only that ” all engines that are equipped with SSJ are proven and reliable .”

According to the source, the transfer of the aircraft to the carrier was seriously delayed because the Federal Air Transport Agency took a long time to decide how to draw up the airworthiness documentation for such a Superjet 100. As a result, an indication was left in the forms for the installation of engines of the second category.

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By the end of the year, airlines should receive at least five more SSJ-100s, one of which, remarketed, will also go to Azimut. The Rossiya airline, which is due to receive two new aircraft, stressed that ” they are not considering the supply from the aircraft manufacturer SSJ with used engines .” Red Wings confirmed that they expect two SSJ-100s in December 2022: “These will be new liners with SaM146 engines.” “ We are also working on the possibility of obtaining SSJ-100 aircraft with engines of the second category,” the company added.

is sukhoi superjet 100 safe

After the last crash, numerous articles state that the Superjet has a poor safety record. Two fatal crashes in 8 years is not a lot, but then again, only around 150 planes have been delivered.

The reports I have read suggest that the safety issues are with the operators, regulators, and airspace management.

The SSJ100 is now almost exclusively operated by Russian Airlines and Russia’s air safety record is allegedly the worst in the world.

Sukhoi superjet 100 specifications

Sukhoi Superjet-100 Specifications



Length (m) 29.8 29.8
Wingspan (m) 27.8 27.8
Height (m) 10.3 10.3


Maximum take-off weight (kg) 42 500 45 900
Maximum landing weight (kg) 39 400 39 400
Maximum payload (kg) 12 250 12 250


Range with max payload (km) 3 050 4 420
Maximum speed (km/h) 950 950
Take-off field length (m) 1 530 1 800
Engines PowerJet SaM146,
2 x 15600 lb
PowerJet SaM146,
2 x 15600 lb

Cabin Data

Passengers (1-class) 95-98 95-98
Economy seat pitch (cm) 81.3 81.3
Cabin width (m) 3.2 3.2
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Sukhoi superjet 100 price

The price of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 has increased but it is still cheaper than its rivals,

The price of Russian regional Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ100) aircraft has increased in 2012 to $35,4 million from $31,7 million. However, SSJ100 is still cheaper than its rivals by 15%, said Senior Vice-president of Sukhoi Civil Aircraft, Customers, Igor Sirtsov. It has been reported by RIA Novosti.

“Now the basic version of this jet costs $35,4 million and the version with extended range (LR) – $36,2 million (list prices). The previous value of these versions was $31,7 and $32,3 million respectively”, – he explained.

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