The Xiaomi 14’s satisfaction rating is close to 100%, but there are some problems


What users complain about

Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi, posted a message yesterday saying that Xiaomi 14 customers are very happy with the smartphones. We have already reported about this .

Currently, the e-commerce satisfaction rate of Xiaomi 14 smartphone users is 99%. We will pay close attention to everyone’s satisfaction, and if any questions arise, we will respond as soon as possible.

Weibo users who have already purchased Xiaomi 14 commented on Xiaomi leader’s posts on the Weibo social network, confirming that they are very pleased with the new product. There are few complaints so far, but they exist.

Xiaomi Software Department Director Zhang Guoquan said that he has studied all the feedback received from Xiaomi 14 owners in the past three days and can state that the overall quality has again improved significantly compared to the previous generation, and the user satisfaction rating specifically on the JD platform .com exceeds 99%.

The Xiaomi 14’s satisfaction rating is close to 100%, but there are some problems

Xiaomi 14
Xiaomi 14

He confirmed that in some cases, users have encountered problems running third-party applications, but Xiaomi is working quickly with developers to release the update. This is the most frequently mentioned problem. Energy consumption and heat dissipation issues are mentioned very rarely, according to Zhang Guoquan. In fact, these are isolated cases. He also asked, if possible, to record detected problems and bugs on video, which simplifies the work of Xiaomi engineers.


Let us remind you that one of the new owners has already  complained on the Weibo social network about the strong heating of his new Xiaomi 14.

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Previously, Xiaomi 14 series smartphones  beat the starting daily sales of all domestic smartphones over the past year on four major platforms : Tmall,, Douyin and Kuaishou. Interestingly, before this, the title of best-selling models was held by more affordable smartphones, including Redmi K60, Redmi Note 12 Turbo and their competitors. It is also clarified that it took only four hours to set the Xiaomi 14 record. In addition, these  smartphones topped the AnTuTu rating .

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