The biggest downsizing in Google history. The company will lay off 12,000 people

Even a giant like Google has not escaped layoffs

Pichai Sundar, CEO of Google and parent company Alphabet, has announced the biggest layoff in the company’s history. In his letter to employees, he said that Google was hiring for “an economic reality different from the one we face today” and that the layoffs are an attempt to meet “Google’s highest priorities as a company.”

Pichai Sundar
                                                                              Pichai Sundar

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, increased the number of employees by 24% in 2021 and 2022, and now the company will lay off 12,000 people, about 6% of the workforce. Pichai Sundar expressed his regret about this in his letter and stated that it was a “difficult decision”.

However, the company will sweeten the pills for those affected by the layoffs. So, Google employees in the US will receive a salary during the entire “notification period” (60 days). They are also promised a severance pay of 16 weeks’ salary plus two weeks’ pay for each year of employment with the company, bonuses for 2022, compensation for unused vacation time, and six months of post-employment medical care. In other countries, Google will lay off workers according to “local practice.”

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