“This film is a miracle”, “This is an outstanding film”, hundreds of responses from ordinary viewers of the film “Avatar 2: The Way of the Water” appeared


“Avatar 2 seems to have stolen the plot from Peppa Pig”

Review aggregator Metaritic has received the first reviews from real viewers who have already watched Avatar: The Way of Water, which was released on December 16th.

After posting 268 user ratings, the average score for the tape is 72/100. At the same time, 182 people rated the film very well, 50 were dissatisfied with what they saw, and 36 people gave average ratings.It is worth adding that 62 reviews of critics have already been published for the film, which rated it 69/100 . At the same time, both ordinary viewers and critics praise the film for a beautiful picture and criticize for a simple plot and lengthiness.

Avatar 2: The Way of the Water
Avatar 2: The Way of the Water

Below are some quotes:

Seeing the movie in IMAX 3D was an amazing experience and the best way to watch Avatar: The Way of Water

Soul Warfare (80/100)

In fact, it was the first film, but in the water. Definitely worth watching, but not a movie I really want to see again

FreeRunner29 (80/100)

If the first movie can be compared to Pocahontas, then Avatar 2 seems to have stolen the plot from Peppa Pig

frcx (10/100)

Those who base their entire review on the plot are simply delusional. You can’t watch this movie and say it’s not one of the most stunning visual and cinematic experiences you’ll ever have, if not the best.

calutamovier (100/100)

This movie is a miracle. From a visual standpoint, I was completely amazed. The story was pretty simple, like the first one, but it’s good. This film is essentially about protecting our loved ones and the planet we live on.

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Jako7403j (100/100)

This is an outstanding film! Like the first “Avatar” or “Titanic”.

wadisplace (100/100)

If you like great scripts, with multifaceted characters, good jokes, then this movie is not for you.

fraccix (20/100)

The film opened in 52,000 theaters , more than the last Avengers had.

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