TikTok bypassed “VKontakte” in terms of time spent in services by users of mobile applications


TikTok bypassed “VKontakte” in terms of time spent in services by users of mobile applications

The service for creating and viewing videos TikTok has outpaced the VKontakte social network in terms of the time spent by users in the mobile application. According to the private data of the analytical company AppAnnie, which was reviewed by the RBC resource, in the week from April 4 to April 10, VKontakte users spent 11.08 billion minutes in the mobile while TikTok members spent 13.93 billion minutes watching videos in the application. …


Until April, the leader in terms of time spent by users inside applications was the VKontakte social network. After the change of leader, TikTok and VKontakte are now followed by Instagram, Odnoklassniki, and Facebook in terms of popularity.

Although for the first time the indicators of TikTok and VKontakte became equal at the end of December 2020, when their users spent about 12.5 billion minutes a week on platforms, the TikTok service bypassed VKontakte in terms of the time the audience used the iOS platform in the summer of 2020, at that time as on the Android platform – only in April this year.

While TikTok users spent about eight hours a week in the app (about 10 hours with iOS and 7 hours with Android), VKontakte users were in the app for about 3 hours and 46 minutes (over 4.5 hours with iOS and about 3.5 hours with Android).

At the same time, according to AppAnnie, the weekly audience of TikTok is much lower – about 29 million people (9.8 million on iOS and almost twice as many on Android), while VKontakte has this figure of 49 million (about 11.9 million on iOS and 37 million on Android).

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In terms of the time spent on average by one user in the application per week (over four hours), TikTok caught up with VKontakte at the beginning of 2020.

Ekaterina Bibik, head of the Russian division of the Admitad partner network, called the statistics given by AppAnnie “more than expected.” She noted that when the TikTok app is opened, “the user is immediately taken to an endless stream of videos,” selected by interests. “ He does not need to press anywhere, to choose anything, as in the same“ VKontakte.” Efforts on the part of the user are minimized,  ”explained the expert.

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