Unexpected problem with MacBook Pro: laptop turns into a desktop computer


Last updated on April 3rd, 2023 at 06:11 pm

The mobile computer dramatically loses its charge and works only from the outlet

The MacBook Pro has an annoying problem that prevents it from fully using the device. Hundreds of users have confirmed it, and Apple is already investigating and preparing to announce a solution to the problem.

An unexpected problem with MacBook Pro: laptop turns into a desktop computer

The problem turned out to be unpleasant: the laptop stops charging abruptly, the battery level drops to 1%, and the user receives a notification about the need for repair. You can still use your laptop, but you must keep it plugged in at all times. Thus, the MacBook Pro turns into a kind of iMac.

In China, many users have contacted the service with this problem. There were battery replacements, but they did not help everyone. According to users, a wide variety of MacBook Pros are turning into stationary computers, from OS to Mojave to BigSur. Both devices based on Intel CPUs and their own SoC M1 are subject to problems. Most of the cases of “nasalization” happened between December last year and the present time. Apple is investigating the reasons but leaning towards their software nature.

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