Val Kilmer explained why he abandoned the role of Batman


Val Kilmer talked about one backstage meeting that prompted him to make this decision. Once he stayed on the set to meet visitors who wanted to see how the movie “Batman Forever” is being shot.

The guests mainly looked at the scenery and props. Then Kilmer came to the co

Val Kilmer Batman
Val Kilmer Batman

nclusion that it does not matter who exactly plays Batman.


Val Kilmer, who played The Dark Knight in Batman Forever, spoke about the reasons he did not want to return to this role.
For years, Kilmer noted that he refused to get into his suit again due to problems with the schedule on another project. However, he has now revealed that this was only one of the reasons.
When billionaire Warren Buffett and his grandchildren looked at the tape, the children did not even pay attention to Kilmer in the image and began to play with props and ride a Batmobile. At that moment, Kilmer realized that under his mask could be anyone at all, and nothing would change globally.
Therefore, it is so easy to have five or six Batmen. It’s not about him. There is no batman.
Val Kilmer
Kilmer always wanted to either play complex characters or have a good time if he plays someone less fun. In this case, the hero was completely uninteresting to him, and he did not receive pleasure on the set. Besides, he hated a suit.
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