Valve Spreads Out The Next Big Sale On Steam – It Will Be Held At The End Of May


Valve Spreads Out The Next Big Sale On Steam – It Will Be Held At The End Of May

Studio Valve, apparently, inadvertently revealed the timing and main features of the next relatively large sale in its digital distribution service, Steam.


Information about the upcoming promotion appeared in the Steamworks Development group. Only users with a Steamworks account should have access to ads from it, but in this case, the announcement was in full view of everyone.

As it became known, at the end of May this year, Steam will host an “Open World” sale, in which the organizers hope to arrange a “celebration of endless exploration

As you might guess from the name, the upcoming promotion is dedicated to projects with popular mechanics: “The sale will feature many subgenres and styles of open-world games, as well as live streams of participating games from Steam

The Open World will begin on May 27 at 20:00 Moscow time and end on May 31 also at 20:00 Moscow time. Registration of participants will end exactly two hours before the start of the event.

To be eligible for sale, the game must: be released before the start of the promotion, be offered at a discounted price, and be labeled “Open World” or “Open World Survival Simulator.”

Less than three weeks after the end of the “Open World” – June 16 – the opening of the summer “Festival of Steam Games,” which in 2021 was named ” Games to Be, “will take place.

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