Video card resellers are in a quandary due to poor demand for the GeForce RTX 4080


They offer cards at a price close to the recommended

The GeForce RTX 4090 video card, despite the considerable price, is in great demand. As Nvidia itself stated, in fact, almost all stock was sold out in the first two weeks . But with the RTX 4080, the situation did not repeat itself, and, as it turned out, resellers were burned on this. 

 the RTX 4080

The speculators who bought the RTX 4080 in the early days, expecting a repeat of the situation with the RTX 4090 and wanting to cash in on the rush demand, have already realized that everything is different with the junior card, and now they have to actively offer their adapters on various marketplaces and social networks. They offer cards at a price very close to the recommended price, but the demand is still very small. 

Interestingly, in the US, major retailer NewEgg has temporarily canceled RTX 4080 returns, so resellers can’t just return the cards to the store, exacerbating their problem. This can lead to the fact that, as a result, resellers will have to fight for buyers, reducing prices already below the recommended ones.  

Recall that the RTX 4080 was considered very overpriced by most thematic resources. It outperforms the RTX 3080 by about 50%, but is more than 70% more expensive at launch

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