VLC player now supports new formats and old graphics cards


And it fixed some bugs

The VLC player is considered one of the best solutions for different platforms. And recently a new version was released, which improves security and adds new features to the media system. The current version for today is VLC 3.0.18.


This version adds support for multiple formats, improves compatibility with older GPUs, and fixes bugs with the SMB protocol. All libraries have also been updated, including the one responsible for working with Blu-ray discs. This solves one of the old problems with these media. Tests have shown that now these discs are read normally.

In addition, 4 vulnerabilities have been fixed that could be used to launch VLC unauthorized or even execute arbitrary code on the target system.

You can download the player here . It turned 20 last year and has been downloaded more than 3.5 billion times

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