Waiting for The Elder Scrolls VI: Modders immortalize “Skyrim-Granny” in her favorite game


Waiting for The Elder Scrolls VI: Modders immortalize “Skyrim-Granny” in her favorite game

The Circantolius Team has announced the release of the Shirley modification – A Skyrim Follower Mod, which adds a special companion to the re-release of  The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

The Elder Scrolls VI
The Elder Scrolls VI

We are talking about Shirley Curry, better known by the nickname “Skyrim-Granny” – an 85-year-old grandmother-lets player who became famous for her passion for the cult role-playing game Bethesda Softworks.

According to The Circantolius Team, Shirley belongs to the class of barbarians, uses two-handed weapons in close combat, and prefers a bow at long distances. To recruit your grandmother to your allies, you will need to go through a small quest.

To create the mod, enthusiasts attracted Curry herself: an elderly player recorded several lines for Shirley – A Skyrim Follower Mod, including a story about his past and attitude towards the characters, as well as various observations.

The in-game Shirley lives in a small cottage northwest of Whiterun. The structure acts as a home for the protagonist and contains several references for fans of Curry’s work.

Shirley – A Skyrim Follower Mod is available on PC and Xbox One. In the plans for the developers: a version for the original The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and the addition of additional features.

Earlier, Curry would be immortalized as one of the characters in The Elder Scrolls VI. The game has no release dates and target platforms, so for now, fans have to be content with folk art.

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